To promote, encourage and organize projects to improve conditions for domestic animals, especially dogs and cats.


- through projects to establish and run refuges for dogs and cats

- through projects to create systems for caring for and homing unwanted domestic animals

- through projects for education in caring for animals

- through projects for education in dog training

- through programmes for sterilizing cats and bitches

- through co-operation with organizations having similar aims in Croatia and abroad

The law on the Protection of Animals (Zakon o zaštiti životinja) is relatively recent, dating back only to 2006. It is based on European Union directives dating from 1983, with several updates to the present time. The Croatian law was updated and amended in 2013. When this final text was debated and accepted by Parliamentarians in February 2013, there was a strong recommendation that public awareness of the protection of animals had to be raised. 

The story of how I became involved in animal rescue on the island, and why ECO HVAR for Animals came into being.

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