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A question about kingfisher behaviours following a sighting in Zavala (Stari Grad) in September 2015.

Alison Bujić, e-mail 22nd April 2016: Last September swimming in Zavala in the Stari Grad Bay in the early evening I saw a kingfisher diving repeatedly from a rock.  I have only ever seen them fish in freshwater rivers before and was very surprised.  A friend told me she had seen one (possibly the same bird) at Siroki Rot a few days earlier.  I would like to know how unusual this is.

Reply from Steve Jones, 23rd April 2016: In answer to Kingfisher question - they will take fish from the salt water, as in this case.

Kingfisher. Photo: Andreas Trepte,


Photo of Common Kingfisher, taken in Marburg, Germany by Andreas Trepte, reproduced according to the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 generic license, with thanks.

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