A pestilence of poisons

Published in Poisons Beware

Pesticides safe? Pull the other one, it's got bells on!

Those who believe that pesticides in the environment can be safe are naive or gullible. Lots of seemingly plausible reasons are put forward to support the pesticide industry. None stands up to proper scrutiny. Pesticide use on normal crops and the production of pesticide-orientated genetically modified crops are unsustainable. Glyphosate-based herbicides are used in ever-increasing quantities worldwide, and are demonstrably causing ever-increasing harm to human health and the environment.

While pesticide users may be naive and/or gullible, some who support the production, sale and use of pesticides are cynical and corrupt, driven by the profit motive despite being at least half aware of the downside of pesticide use.

The earth which produces our food cannot do its job if it is blackened and depleted by poisons.

The eerie poem 'On a White Horse' by Mike Galsworthy is a warning: pillaging the earth of its natural resources can only lead to disaster.




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