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Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (home page in English)  gives lists of foods withdrawn from sale on health grounds

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

World Health Organization (WHO)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia

QuitDay, United States organization to help smokers give up the habit / addiction

Drug dangers. Vital information about medicines and surgical materials


International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources - World Heritage Outlook

All Green PR Ltd A UK business based in London which helps 'Green' organizations to make their presence felt

Environmental Protection 

Young People's Trust for the Environment

The Nature Conservancy, organization with worldwide reach working to preserve nature and natural habitats

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Organic Agriculture

Food Tank U.S. organization working for sustainable agriculture to feed the world

Slow Europe, Slow Food

Kinookus: 'a thematic conjunction of food and film and the development of aesthetic taste for beauty and good'

International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) International organization linking volunteers to organic farms in different countries. (Croatia is not on the list yet)

International Organic Inspectors Association

United States Geological Survey (USGS), National Water-Quality Assessment Program

10 Ways to Help Save the Ocean

GM Watch

Georgina Downs - UK Pesticides Campaign

The Soil Association - UK charity which campaigns for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Garden Organic - UK charity promoting organic growing methods

Plastic Banks - an innovative and far-reaching solution to the problems of plastic pollution which also helps the world's poor.

Protecting Wildlife from Trash

10 Ways to Help Wildlife

Meatless Monday: Protect the Planet, One Day Each Week - Travel creating the minimum carbon footprint. Holidays include several options in Croatia.

Biotechnicon - website in Croatian - website in Croatian only - website in Croatian only

Ecosia - search engine which donates 80% of proceeds for tree-planting in Brazil

Pokret otoka - Island Movement


World Wildlife Fund - International fundraising organization based in the United States supporting nature conservation efforts

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

Eurogroup for Animals - Croatian partner 'Animal Friends Croatia'

Croatian Ornithological Association / C.O.M. Croatia

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - UK nature conservation charity 

American Bird Conservancy

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Eurogroup for Animals - Croatian partner 'Animal Friends Croatia'

Dogs Trust (formerly the Canine Defence League) UK charity caring for dogs

Associazione Isontina Protezione Animali - Animal protection volunteer group in Gorizia, northern Italy.

15 Ways to Help Homeless Dogs

Feral Cats and How to Help Them


Zelena knjižara - online Croatian bookshop for a range of subjects including ecology, natural sciences and health












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  • Company convicted of trying to export used nappies and other contaminated materials illegally

    One of the UK’s biggest waste firms has lost a case in the court of appeal to overturn a criminal conviction for exporting dirty waste to China.

    The Environment Agency, which brought a successful criminal prosecution a year ago against Biffa Waste Services Ltd, which was convicted of trying to send used nappies and other contaminated materials illegally to China, welcomed Friday’s ruling and said exports of this kind of illegal waste “blighted the lives and environment of people overseas”.

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  • The pick of the world’s best flora and fauna photos, including a hatching crocodile and Mexican grey wolf cubs

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  • Scottish court rules that environmental group defied court order banning the protest

    Greenpeace has been fined £80,000 after a Scottish court found it guilty of the “wilful defiance” of a court order banning it from occupying a North Sea oil rig.

    Lady Wolffe, sitting in the court of session in Edinburgh, said Greenpeace UK had deliberately broken an interdict, or injunction, against occupying a platform owned by the US contractor Transocean in June 2019.

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  • Frequency of heatwaves and cumulative intensity has risen through the decades, research finds

    Heatwaves have increased in both length and frequency in nearly every part of the world since the 1950s, according to what is described as the first study to look at the issue at a regional level.

    The study found the escalation in heatwaves varied around the planet, with the Amazon, north-eastern Brazil, west Asia (including parts of the subcontinent and central Asia) and the Mediterranean all experiencing more rapid change than, for example, southern Australia and north Asia. The only inhabited region where there was not a trend was in the central United States.

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  • Tees Valley mayor hails rental scheme as ‘clean energy, socially distant mode of transport’

    Residents of Middlesbrough in north-east England will be the first in the UK to legally ride electric scooters on the open road when the law changes on Saturday, as the government struggles to prevent a recovery from coronavirus based on cars.

    Though e-scooters have been whizzing illegally around many UK cities for the past few years, the pandemic has prompted the government to speed up plans to pilot public rental schemes.

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  • Areas with a drier climate have seen greater loss of biodiversity from global warming

    Dry tropical forests are more vulnerable to the impacts of global heating than had been thought, according to new research, with wildlife and plants at severe risk of harm from human impacts.

    Some tropical forests are very wet, but others thrive in a drier climate and scientists had thought these drier forests would be better adapted to drought, and therefore more able to cope with the effects of the climate crisis.

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  • Nicky Woo has won the Marilyn Stafford award 2020 with her project As the Water Comes, documenting rising sea levels in Saint-Louis

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  • Communities in Bristol are devising their own solutions to problems linked with the city’s role in slavery

    During lockdown, the wild grass in Bristol’s Greenbank cemetery has grown higher than many of the tombstones, transforming the land above the dead into a gothic meadow. Nominally closed to the public before 4pm each day, the grounds are a popular location for joggers, strollers and dog walkers, who enter through a gap in the fence. For Zakiya Mckenzie, a local writer, this is the furthest from home she has been in three months, but she has chosen this spot for an interview because of its historic symbolism – a subject that has has come to the fore like never before in the wake of the pandemic.

    She leads me down wooded slopes to a waist-high monument set in a glade, a little apart from the other tombs. It is the relocated grave of a group of Baptist people, including Fanny Coker, who was born a slave in the Caribbean island of Nevis in 1767 and died in Bristol in 1820, serving as a housemaid to one of Bristol’s wealthiest plantation-owning families.

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  • A fast growing mountain of toxic e-waste is polluting the planet and damaging health, says new report

    At least $10bn (£7.9bn) worth of gold, platinum and other precious metals are dumped every year in the growing mountain of electronic waste that is polluting the planet, according to a new UN report.

    A record 54m tonnes of “e-waste” was generated worldwide in 2019, up 21% in five years, the UN’s Global E-waste Monitor report found. The 2019 figure is equivalent to 7.3kg for every man, woman and child on Earth, though use is concentrated in richer nations. The amount of e-waste is rising three times faster than the world’s population, and only 17% of it was recycled in 2019.

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  • Thames Water overflow pipe pumped waste for 1,000 hours into London wetlands last year

    Raw sewage was discharged for more than 1,000 hours from a Thames Water overflow pipe into an environmental wetland at the Olympic Park last year, the Guardian can reveal.

    The combined sewer overflow (CSO) at Mulberry Court pumped untreated waste 91 times into the waterway that feeds into the River Lea. To April this year, the same CSO has so far discharged for 34 hours in 20 incidents.

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