First Poppy of 2014

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I saw my first poppy of 2014 yesterday, March 23rd. Sprouting in a small clump of promising buds in a crevice on an otherwise unattractive bit of concrete, it was a good example of how Hvar's wild flowers spring up in the most unlikely places.
First Poppy of 2014 Photo: Vivian Grisogono

The poppy's brilliant red flower stood out in splendour against the backdrop of a dreary, cloudy day. It is amazing how many bright clours suddenly emerge, little by little, as spring advances. 

Yellows and blues are adding themselves to the whites which came to the fore in late Feburuary.

Another amazing thing is how many people spray herbicide along the verges, turning the soil into a sad ugly wasteland, rather than letting the wild flowers play their part in beautifying the environment and providing nutrition for the insects. In the Jelsa Council area it's forbidden to spray herbicide on public paths and roadsides, but it happens all the same.

By contrast, some people take care to beautify the roadsides, planting spring bulbs to add extra touches of colour to those provided by nature across the island.

Which is the right image for Hvar? To me, that's what they now call a 'no-brainer'. The answer's obvious: Go Hvar go - ORGANIC!

© Vivian Grisogono 2014

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