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We have now covered all the costs of placing the seven puppies and their mother in the Bestie Animalis Centrum shelter. Another puppy has already found a home, and all of them are healthy, well and enjoying life, especially their mother, who has been going regularly on the summertime swimming sessions with groups of dogs including her puppies! Many many thanks to everyone who contributed to this lifesaving action, despite the financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mi smo sad pokrili troškove za štence i njihovu mamu, i smo duboko zahvalni svima koji su tako velikodušno dali donacije za ovu vrijednu akciju, u ovim teškim vremenima. Još jedan štenac je našao svoj dom, i svi su zdravi i sretni, pogotovo njihova mama!

Dva štenca su već udomljena, jedan u Splitu. jedan u Njemačkoj!

Two of the puppies have already been homed successfully, one in Split and one in Germany!

UDRUGA ECO HVAR je nedavno spasila 8 pasa (kuja i 7 štenaca), i došlo je vrijeme njih smjestiti u Azil u Kaštelima. Kako lokalne vlasti nemaju novac za to, Udruga mora sama financirati boravak i skrb u Azilu, što će koštati 28.000 kn, (2.800 + PDV, dakle 3.500 po svakom psu). Ako ste u mogućnosti pomoći, svaka donacija bi dobrodošla. Mi smo vrlo zahvalni svima koji su nam već pomogli.

Račun za donacije: Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.

Poslovnica 220 Pjaca, Pjaca 1

21465 Jelsa, Croatia

IBAN: HR37 2340 0091 1106 0678 6


Naziv računa: ECO HVAR

Adresa: Pitve 93, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia

ECO HVAR recently saved 8 dogs (a bitch and her 7 puppies), and the time has come to place them in the Animal Shelter at Kaštela. As the local authorities have no money to cover this cost, our Charity has to finance it independently, amounting to 28.000 kunas (2,800 + PDV, ie 3,500 kunas per animal). Any donation, however small, will be a great help. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has already contributed to our efforts.

Account for donations: Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d., Poslovnica 220 Pjaca, Pjaca 1, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia

IBAN: HR37 2340 0091 1106 0678 6


Account name: ECO HVAR

Account address: Pitve 93, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia

ECO HVAR hat Hündin mit 7 Welpen gerettet. Das die locale Behörde keine Mittel haben uns zu unterstützen müssen wie Unterkunft in azil in Höhe von 28,000 kn selber finanzieren. Wir bedanken uns an alle die uns bis jetzt unterstützt haben.

Für jeder finanziellen Unterstützung werden wir sehr dankbar: Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d., Poslovnica 220 Pjaca, Pjaca 1, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia

ECO HVAR, Pitve 93, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia.

IBAN: HR37 2340 0091 1106 0678 6


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