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A welcome touch of humour from Jelsa's Friendly Ghost - Dobri Duh Jelse.

In this age when information is almost instantaneous and even important decisions are made at speed, the delay in forming a new government following the elections on November 8th 2015 seems interminable. The end is apparently in sight, but if the new Prime Minister is not agreed by Tuesday December 22nd, it seems we will be heading for a repeat general election. Jelsa's friendly satirical spirit, Dobri Duh Jelse, was gently mocking the tedium of the election process and campaigning on October 18th on Facebook, before the elections took place. The poor soul must be well asleep by now, so far as politics are concerned. Or maybe holding the final decision until the new year will allow a fresh new start in Croatia's political life, and Jelsa's friendly ghost - whose identity is a well-guarded secret - can emerge revitalized to keep us informed and amused about all the important goings-on in this little community.

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